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New Years Eve 2016 Accident With Truck & RV – Pt 2

New Years Eve 2016 Accident with Truck & RV – Pt 2

Part Two shows the inside of the trailer and the destruction caused to our belongings. On New Year’s Eve 2016 me and my brother Tom were traveling to work camp with our truck and travel trailer heading from Jacksonville Florida to Arizona. We decided to drive a more scenic route by staying off the interstate and only taking U.S. Highways through north Texas into New Mexico and then onward into Arizona. Approximately 7 miles before reaching the New Mexico Border we hit a patch of black ice sending our vehicle and travel trailer on a roller coaster ride and turning us a 180 degrees on the opposite side of the road as the trailer broke off the hitch while flipping over onto its side and raising the back end of our truck a couple of feet into the air. It was a frightening experience for us, but thankfully other than being extremely shaken up, we are both okay. This video will show the damages to the exterior of the truck and travel trailer as well as the mess we find inside the RV along with any damages we discover while we try to assess what we can salvage of our belongings.


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