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Texting Driver Car Accident Caught On DashCam HD Part 2

Texting Driver Car Accident Caught on DashCam HD Part 2

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Just purchased the van and 3 weeks later was sitting at a red light and a texting driver rear ended me.

Please don’t text and drive, I was in a 9,000 lb van… I can’t imagine what would have happened if he hit my wife and kids in a 4000-5000 lb mini van…..

At the time of the wreck back in April of 2015 the ford transit had just been released and parts were hard to get and expensive. I went to a lot of
Local body shops and most of them were telling me that since it’s over 9ft tall they couldn’t fit it in their paint booths, etc… I spoke to the insurance company and they suggested I take it to a commercial truck repair shop or RV repair center. That’s what I did and I found out pretty quick that RV and commercial truck shops charge more than twice an hour for body work. A normal auto rebuild charges around $50 an hour and the RV shop charges $120 an hour. They needed to replace the vinyl floor covering as it was ripped in the back. That meant that the custom wood shelving, tools and supplies all had to come out (took me a week and a half to install) They also wanted to replace that side panel completely (and I agree with that) I had just purchased the van 3 weeks prior and I didn’t want a panel straightened and filled with bondo! There was alot of labor involved. Also most of the parts were on back order 2-3 months and technically in insurance terms the vehicle was not drivable (because of the taillight) the rental costs for a comparable vehicle of that height for 3 months would have been $20k + I ended up purchasing the vehicle back for a good price after they decided to total it and was able to have my local body shop fix it for a good price. They barely were able to fit it in their shop. I invested so much time in the shelves and interior and was so busy with work I didn’t want to purchase another van and have to transfer everything. Hope this clears it up a bit 🙂


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