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The DIY Overhead Clearance Stick Every Caravan Motorhome RV Or Travel Trailer Should Have.

The DIY Overhead Clearance Stick every Caravan Motorhome RV or Travel Trailer should have.

We have been using this Clearance Stick for years now. When I hold it as I do in the video it will tell me the height of my Off-Road Caravan, We do a lot of camping in isolated places, and with trees hanging over the tracks it’s nice to know for sure “will my caravan fit under that” The stick tells me. If you are a bit worried about the height of a roof or a mates carport, anything, this is a nice simple way to now without a doubt yes or no, it’s that simple. A very simple DIY project, costing just a few dollars and a few minutes of your time. I love ours, it stops me worrying if the people that are guiding me are really looking up, because I already know it will fit.
This Clearance Stick is now part of our main camping gear, I have made a place for it so it is easy to get to if I need it, and painted it so it does not get lost.

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Please have a look. Travel safe and have fun.


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